Solar Electric Scooter

by Tony and MikeSanta Monica, CA

Able to charge anywhere, fast enough to go everywhere. A revolutionary combination of clean energy and power.

Project Summary


The world finally has an alternative -- A mode of transportation virtually free to operate.



Developed by the brilliant team at Solar Electric Scooters, Inc.  --Their solution to the energy crisis to go directly to you!



The Solar Electric Scooter is a vehicle designed for short range urban travel.  It has gone through multiple design cycles. To come up with the perfect balance of sleek design and efficiency. 

It has two wheels, front and rear and the operator stands on a platform approximately 8 inches off the ground.  In the front there is an adjustable goose neck with handlebars on top.  There is a twist grip throttle on the right and hand brake levers on each side that operate the disc brakes on both wheels.

The platform that the operator stands on is a Solar Electric Panel!! This is the first such vehicle available to the public.  You can be one of the first people to own it!


Electrical power is stored in a “state of the art” Lithium Ion battery located under the platform.  The battery can be charged three ways:

1. Leave the scooter in the sun and it will “sun up”,

 2. Remove the battery and connect it to an external charger that plugs into any power outlet.

3. Pull the retractable cord out of the control box and plug into any standard power outlet


When you drive an SES you are part of the solution to making the world a better place.


Together we can make a difference.


What can the SES do?

  • Zero to 15 mph in 3.7 seconds, now that’s pretty impressive.

Here are some more stats:

  • 20 mile range.

Most people will ride it 2-4 miles at a time, but if you forget to charge the battery, no worries, you still have plenty of range available.

  • 15 mile per hour. 

Fast enough to cruise through town and at that speed where you have these other benefits:

            - No insurance.

            - No registration.

            - No license.


Let’s talk Economics:

You can pay for your SES in the money you save on gas, insurance and the cost of parking.  Here’s an example:

If a student at a Southern California university were to use the SES instead of a car and commute to and from school a distance of 4 miles and make that trip 4 times a week, the savings in gas, insurance and parking will cover the cost of the scooter in one school year, (nine months).


How does the company give back to the community?

This is a very important aspect of our “DNA” at Solar Electric Scooters.

We give back 2 ways:

1.  In our When You Wish Campaign – we will donate $50.00 to a charity for every scooter that is purchased on the campaign.  Please check out our sponsored charities below!

Erase Poverty

Erase Poverty™ has one simple focus: to bring an end to extreme poverty through the power of small business.
How? By offering "small businesses here "a personalized, cause-marketing program that directly funds microloans for "micro businesses there." Join the movement and help erase extreme poverty in your lifetime!
From a woman in San Diego who started a holistic medicine business, and can now support herself as well as help women in her community; to a woman in Kenya who was able to buy a sewing machine and start a business selling baby clothes and can now send her children to school. Erase Poverty helps better individuals as well as communities through micro loans.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth defends the environment and champions a healthy and just world using the guiding principles of Sustainability, Connectivity,  and Systematic Change.

Friends of the Earth strives for a more healthy and just world. With offices in Washington, D.C. and Berkeley, CA and members in all 50 states, we urge policymakers to defend the environment and work towards a healthy environment for all people.
In 2012 alone we protected Puget Sound for dumping of wastewater from ships, reduced air pollution from ships, blocked the approval of a dangerous pipeline, and much more.

Green Wish

Green Wish™ is a non-profit that helps local, green, organizations fund projects for their communities through donations at retailers and from concerned neighbors like you.  Green Wish is a grassroots, non-profit charitable organization that isfocused on helping local green organizations fund projects for their communities through small donations at local retailers and online in "pay what you can" denominations.

We are currenly in Los Angeles and will be expanding to other cities around the country. Once each city is identified, Green Wish will then identify nine local groups in that city to fund.
Currently, Green Wish helps support the Surfrider Foundation, Organic Farming Research Foundation, Friends of the LA River, and others.

HIM Institute

The purpose of the H.I.M. Institute of Higher Studies is to provide the African youth with the opportunity to develop as natural leaders in a progressive and supportive environment.  The Institute campus is specially designed to be an organic, sustainable, self-contained, education-based compound propagating an independent, marketable supply of goods based on its own natural resources resulting in it eventually being able to completely cover its own operations and expenses on an ongoing basis.
By the people—for the people.  This is the Institute’s formula for true sustainability.


Be a part of the Sock it to 'em campaign, by donating socks for the homeless or becoming a Sock Ambassador. Talk to friends, family, local buisness and get the word out about Sock-it-to-'EM. Participate in No Socks to Work Day on December 12th. On this one day, forego wearing socks and donate men's, women's, or children's socks to a shelter.
We are currently working with the NBA to bring awareness to the campaign.

The Women of Global Change

The WGC participates in communities and also International projects of betterment. We do this through many different programs, missions and adventures. We work together in business, power, and spirit. We do this to provide a better world for ourselves, other women, children, and all human-kind.


2.  All the time – we set aside 2% of our net profits to build scooters for less fortunate students in the US, who are in school and getting good grades.  You can see more about this on our web site,,  check "About the SES Association".


Our Team:

Mike Donnell

Mike Donnell is a veteran entrepreneur with a history of alternative energy successes. In 1980 he started 3-C Energy Systems out of his garage, a venture that quickly grew to the largest solar hot water installation company in the U.S., with installed systems serving over 15,000 households. Three years later he formed Sandberg Wind with two partners to develop wind parks near Palm Springs, CA. The company installed over 600 wind turbine generators, with a total construction value of $62 million, to provide clean electricity for Southern California Edison.

Mike is a third generation Angelino, born and raised near Pasadena, CA. He attended public schools and received a BS degree from the University of Arizona. He volunteered for service in the U.S. Navy and spent six years as a helicopter pilot stationed in Florida, Italy, and Virginia.

Mike is a general contractor in California and has extensive experience as a custom homebuilder and land developer. He has particular expertise in earthquake foundation repair, relocation of existing structures, and roofing. Mike is also a trained speaker and facilitator for Integrity Systems, a nationally recognized sales, customer service, and coaching program.

Over the years Mike has developed a clear understanding of the strengths and pitfalls of the alternative energy business, and his experience has led to the Solar Electric Scooter. Mike and Tony Vanmeeteren are the co-founders of SES, Inc.


Tony VanMeeteren

Co-founder of the Company and a co-creator of the Solar Electric Scooter, Tony VanMeeteren has a long history of commitment to environmental concerns.

Tony studied Electronics Technology and Computer Technology at Cerritos College and obtained his Degree. Later he attended California Polytechnic College Pomona pursuing an BS in Business Management, and not long after completed a Certification program in Hazardous Materials Remediation at UCLA. He has also been certified as a Solar Contractor from the California Contractors Board Along with a A-1 Engineering and B-1 General Contracting License including a Hazardous Matrials Remediation Specialty License. Tony started his first business, Inteligent Home Systems, where he was on the cutting edge of designing home energy management and automation systems with his solar thermal friend.  He then started a General Contracting company “Prophecy Builders Construction” named after his deep faith and religion. Tony founded Solar Alternatives Energy Inc., where he and his staff design and install photovoltaic systems on homes and businesses throughout Southern California. He is a pround family man married for 17 wonderful years with two lovely daughters.

Tony grew up on Brandt and Swan Lakes where his father and mother built a few homes in South Dakota. He then moved near by to a farm in Rock Rapids Iowa and was involved with riding and raising Horses and other livestock. He became a member of 4-H, preparing for joining Future Farmers of America. In the late 1970s his family moved to Southern California, where Tony was educated and developed his interest in electronics and alternative energy.

At SES, Tony runs the shop, continues to design and engineer other environmental products for the future. He is in charge of all technical repair and training along with keeping up inventory. He is responsible for determining the products that we sell and continuing to improve and testing them to determine their viability. Tony is passionate about his ability to educate others about the importance of creating a carbon-friendly society, and his many years of devotion to helping our planet greatly benefit the company.


Alice Lanier

Alice Lanier, owner of Cromwell Business Services, has provided computerized bookkeeping and payroll services to a variety of businesses and business types for over 20 years. Cromwell partners with its clients, offering business management advice and services; recommendations from some of those clients may be found on LinkedIn. Cromwell Business Services provides payroll and routine monthly bookkeeping for the company.


Bob Kozik

Bob is a senior electrical engineer with Raytheon, Corporation based Woodland Hills, CA. He has participated in numerous aerospace and defense programs over the past 31 years at Raytheon.

Bob is an avid environmentalist with a keen eye for the practical and economically feasible applications of alternative energy.
He has assisted Solar Electric Scooters, Inc. in the design of the scooter electrical systems, the evaluation of the systems as well as the testing of the systems after installation on the scooters.

Bob is close friend and adviser of the founders of the company. He resides in Woodland Hills, CA with his wife and two children.


Daniel Yorba

Daniel Yorba’s childhood, spent in places as varied as Orange County, California;
Portland, Oregon; Juneau, Alaska; and Barcelona, Spain, exposed him to many different experiences and cultures. From his father, an architect, he learned the beauty in functional simplicity, which inspired him to create art at a young age.

After graduating from high school, Yorba enlisted in the US Marines, serving as a helicopter crew chief and aerial gunner. While in the service, he began tinkering with and rebuild vintage motorcycles. Attracted to a blend of speed, aesthetics, and engineering he continued working with motorcycles after leaving the military. Eventually, he earned an internship at Fuse ID, a Portland design firm, securing his goal of designing useful products that inspire and ignite the imagination.

As an industrial design student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, Yorba cultivated his passions for two-wheeled transportation, furniture, and sporting goods. For his thesis project, he designed and fabricated an electric motorcycle; his project led to the formation of his own line, Cycleton.

Yorba currently designs protective gear for action sports in the equipment group of Vans/Pro-tec. Dan’s passion and talent made him the ideal designer for the Solar Electric Scooter.

Because of his brilliant design we wanted to share the spoils with Daniel so for every scooter sold he gets a royalty! We have several opportunities for you guys to get involved as well! See below for details on the basket design contest and the seat design contest!

To find out about the rest of the team please visit our website here!


Technical information:

  • Minimum rider age on public streets, 16 years old (follow individual state guidelines).
  • Maximum rider weight 300 pds/136 KGS
  • Maximum speed 15 mph (24km/h)
  • Range from 15 to 20 miles on a full charge (this varies according to rider weight , terrain and age of battery)
  • Battery 36 Volt/15 Amp Hour Lithium Ion (removable for charging)
  • Maximum 600 charging cycles
  • Charge time 2 to 8 hours depending on depletion of battery. Always unplug charger as soon as green light turns on for best results.
  • Hub motor brushless 350 watts.
  • Charging system includes a 2 amp onboard charger  and a 3 amp external charger.
  • Solar panel maximum power 37 watts, maximum current .88 amps, maximum voltage 42 volts
  • Brakes front and rear disc with alloy motor inhibit levers
  • Wheels and Tires  front 12 ½  X 2 ¼ inch rear 10 X 2 inch stainless steel rims pneumatic tires
  • Foldable stem for storage with posilock
  • Scooter controller 36 volt 17 amp
  • Auxiliary speed switch low of 12 mph, high of 15 mph
  • Throttle 36 volt with full, half, and low positions, battery indicators. Including a 3 sec push type safety switch.
  • Front and rear safety riding lights




The SES come in 5 different colors.



Many people think that the scooter needs a basket or maybe a couple of different basket choices, and we agree.  We also think there are one heck of a lot more smart people out there than there are in here, so we’re having a “Basket Design Contest”.  Then we’ll all get together and choose the best designs.  We will make the baskets and sell them as accessories and here’s the kicker….The person who designs the winning basket, gets a royalty for every basket we sell.  We’ll do it soon.



We think somebody out there could come up with a cool seat. Stay tuned for that contest as well.


Where does the funding go?

For those of you who buy scooters, your funding goes directly into production of your scooter.

The people who contribute lesser amounts get their award/gift and the balance of the funds go towards the overhead of manufacturing all these scooters!