Sandy Hook Tragedy - Campaign for the Victims

by DeletedMarina del Rey, CA

Show your support for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.

Project Summary

Today 28 people were gunned down by Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut before he turned his weapon on himself. Among the dead were 20 elementary school students, their teachers, the school's president, and Lanza's own mother, who was also a teacher at the school. He shot her in the face at their home before driving to the school in her car. Police described the scene at the school as one of the most horrific crime scenes that many had ever encountered, and officials said the first-arriving responders would be given counseling. President Obama wiped away tears as he spoke of how we as a country have experienced shootings like this too often. 

People all over the country and the world are feeling heartbroken from this tragedy and it's hard to fathom why anyone would do this. Wishes on Main hopes to raise some money for the community that is still in shock from this mass murder. 

Show your support for the victims by donating a little bit, or a lot. Proceeds will go towards helping pay for counseling for the young children who experienced this and survived, funeral costs for those who were not so lucky, and providing some extra resources for the school as well as this tight-knit community at large, who will be hurting from this for a long time. 

Thank you for your support! All When You Wish fees will be waived for this project! So 100% of proceeds will go to Sandy Hook victims and the community.