To Infinity and Beyond

by Ashley FoxSaint Petersburg, FL

Young entrepreneur creates successful product line of interchangeable headbands! Now she needs your help to take her business to the next level!

Project Summary

Our Story

Seven year old, Brylee Beckerman was tired of searching through a tangled mess of headbands each time she wanted to wear one. Her mother was equally frustrated with the money they had spent on numerous headbands to accent every outfit. One day, Brylee had a remarkable thought: to create one interchangeable headband and do away with the clutter. She wanted the heabdand to be unique with the ability to change the colors, styles and embellishements. Now one headband could soon replace the many in the overflowing bins.

With the help of her mother and aunt, they found a way to bring this product to market so that others, too, could benefit. 

One year into the launch of the business, they have seen much success...selling online via the company website and also getting distribution in retail boutiques and gift stores. Infinity Headbands can be found in approximately 20 stores and they continue to work hard to keep growing that number.

Why Do A Campaign?

With the exception of the headband base and the slide attachment for embellishments being manufactured locally, every other part of production has been done by hand. AnnDee (Brylee's mother) has hand-cut and sewn all of the ribbons. The assembly and packaging of the headbands and embellishments has been done by oursleves and our family members.  We were able to build up enough inventory to supply current demand, but with growing demands we realize we had to look for outside help.

Having finally found a source that can cut and sew the ribbons to our specifications, we are doing this campaign to raise $7500 to do our first production run of ribbons with a manufacturer. In addition, this manufacture will assist with the assembly and packaging of  future product runs of headbands and embellishments.


With limited production capability, we were not able to commit to many large opportunities. We are so passionate about this product line and the impact it can have on girls everywhere! We want to keep spreading the word and give every girl an opportunity to see how Infinity Headbands can add fun and fashion to her life (while mom enjoys cutting down on clutter and saving money!)

Your donation will help us do just that!

Plus, everyone who donates gets something from our product line...and there is even an opportunity to make someone special in your life the next face of Infinity Headbands!

Thank you, in advance, for helping us reach more girls and realizing the sky is the limit...