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See Beneath's Aiko & Egor: Animation for Autism

by Casey HoffmanEncinitas, CA

See Beneath, a San Diego nonprofit, is raising funds for the production of Aiko & Egor, an animated video series for young children with autism, and mobile application development.

Project Summary

See Beneath's Aiko & Egor is a Semi-Finalist in the Dell Social Innovation Challenge! Help support our cause by donating to our campaign!

Who We Are:

Nonprofit: See Beneath is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit charity organization based in San Diego, CA that creates early developmental tools for young children with autism. We have a background in autism research and intervention from the UCSD Autism Research Program and we are using our expertise to give back to children with autism and their families.

Mission: To engage and educate children with autism by creating and providing innovative tools that foster positive change and help children reach developmental milestones.

Background: In 2011, we began developing an animated video series called Aiko & Egor that engages and teaches young children with autism basic developmental skills including language, imitation, play, social skills, and more! 

Progress: See Beneath has been conducting pilot research and receiving great feedback about the animated video series. We are currently producing the 1st season of Aiko & Egor, which we hope to release in the Fall of 2013, with an amazing production team of 20 people.

Campaign: As a nonprofit, we are seeking continual funding to develop and produce more episodes of Aiko & Egor. 

Where Your Money Will Go: All funds raised through this campaign will go towards the development of Season 2 of Aiko & Egor, to pay our wonderful production team, and towards creation of interactive smartphone/tablet applications!

Impact: Currently, there are very few products that are designed specifically for young children with autism and none that use engaging and naturalistic animation to teach basic skills. Early intervention has been proven to be extremely important for children with autism and thus there is a great need to See Beneath's early developmental tools. Every dollar donated will get us that much closer to reaching our dream of helping families and teachers engage and educate young children with autism. During 2014, the first full year that Aiko & Egor will be available, our goal is to impact more than 5,000 children, increasing exponentially every year after! Please help us make this possible.

Rewards: For your donation, depending on its size, you will receive recognition on our website for your generosity, access to the first season of Aiko & Egor once it is complete, original artwork from the creative minds at See Beneath, recognition as an Associate Producer, and more!  All donations are tax-deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.