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When You Wish is the internet’s most robust platform for raising money online. It's a marketplace for worthy causes, charitable needs, and big or creative ideas. Use it to fund for your next dream.

Ready to Begin?

Start your fundraiser now or keep reading why WUW is easiest place to raise money online:


When You Wish charges just 5 percent of what you raise. There is no penalty for not reaching your funding goal unlike other websites. 

Better Tools

Solicit donations and sell or pledge goods and services. Our innovative platform dramatically expands the what you do to raise money compared to our competitors.

Open to All

When You Wish is available worldwide and we don't qualify the type or worthiness of your campaign. Absolutely anyone can start a fundraiser.

Fundraiser Pages

We give you the tools to pitch your fundraiser and run a campaign drive. To be successful, you will create a project that packages a thoughtful presentation using video, storytelling, and emotion to pitch the worthiness of the goal you’ve set. Then, you’ll reach out to your audience of sympathetic donors: they could be family, friends, or your fan or supporter base. From there, it’s a cinch for your supporters to make contributions via credit card that you'll collect to your bank account at the end of your campaign. 

Promotion: Sharing, Widgets, and Social

Use Twitter and Facebook to connect with followers and friends. Use built in tools to announce that you’re raising money, then keep everyone up to date on your progress with updates. You’ll always be in control of what gets posted where and we’ll never write on your wall without first getting your permission. Once you hit newsfeeds, your supporters can spread the word for you with “Likes” and widgets for their blog or website.

Become a Champion

If you’re a charity, brand, or even just an individual on a mission, why not recruit and encourage your audience to create fundraisers related to your issue? If you’re goal isn’t just to raise money, but also create education and awareness, do it with branded fundraiser pages featuring your logo and link back to your website. Plus, you’ll also earn a percentage of our listing fee for any fundraiser your bring to your website. Contact us to learn more.

Rewards, Goods, and Services

A reward is something you offer to sponsors in exchange for giving to your campaign. They're things like keepsakes, a copy of the thing your fundraiser is producing, or access to a notable person associated with the fundraiser. Great rewards make or break a campaign. On When You Wish, not only can you offer your own rewards but we've created a marketplace where others can create rewards on your behalf by selling their goods or services and directing the the proceeds of a sale to you. For instance, if someone doesn't have cash but wants to sell their vintage scarf they can list it on your page and the money goes to you. Or, they could create a matching donation -- offer $100 reward and promise to give $100 -- then you end up with $200. They can even offer services -- ten hours of graphic their design -- the sale goes to you! It's another tool for raising more money and it only exists on When You Wish.