We’ll tell you why – but first, ask yourself this question: If I have a dream; if I have a fire in my heart to change the world; if I’m a person who can get something done; is our current system on my side, or in my way?


Where you’re at is the intersection between Labor and Capital. It’s busy! Wow cha-ching cha-ching! Storefronts are bustling. Workers are filling in the potholes. That one guy in the top hat with a blonde way too young for him is getting rich off a shrewd investment. Even boring old Dad’s and Mom’s with everyday jobs are happy because they’re putting food on the table for their kids. And hey! A few of those kids even end up on scholarships at prestigious schools; or (perhaps better) dropping out of school and setting up shop in a garage to start the next Microsoft or Apple.

Risk is incentivized, hard work rewarded, and — even if unequally — capitalism raises the quality of life for everyone. And so it has in America, more or less, for a long, long time.


We don’t need to imagine that. Screeech!!! That’s the sound of the brakes getting slammed on DREAMS. That’s where we’re at not only in America, but also in places all over the world. When the recession hit, for the same reason you and I scrambled to trade in our sky-high interest credit cards for miniscule interest savings accounts — fear — Capital stopped making the investments needed to keep our economy humming. When Capital stops investing it equals unemployment for Labor. What’s worse is that some unscrupulous players on the Capital side decided even before the recession, that Labor isn’t worth investing in anyways! For different reasons it was easier and less risky to invest in stuff like complicated financial instruments that pay off on both sides of the bet, guaranteed contracts bought through campaign contributions, and foreign labor markets that aren’t "regulated" by labor or environmental standards. Capital has decided that the American worker isn’t a bet worth making.

Depends on who you ask. Big banks, congress, deficits, the president, special interests, illegal immigrants, regulation, deregulation... whatever the cause the truth is people without capital are on their own. You can Hope & Change, Tea Party, or Occupy all you want but what these movements have done is mostly focus attention on the political, lifestyle, and religious stuff we’ll never agree on, while distracting us from the root problem: Capital has left the building and when it did, oops, there goes the neighborhood.



Do you have a creative, philanthropic, or business project that you’re dreaming to make happen? How much funding do you need? Five hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? A million dollars? The good news is your dreams need funding, not Capital. We’ve become dangerously desensitized to all the shenanigans of the interest gouging, sign your life on the dotted line, million-dollar bonuses variety of funding called Capital and the truth is we don’t even need it. We don’t need Capital because believe it not, Labor has plenty of capital.

That’s just silly and simplistic. Everybody’s got a little bit of spare cash lying around but that doesn’t mean I can get strangers to give my little project any of it. How do we tap into this pool of money? Via the same reckoning force that’s saved us every time human beings have gotten themselves in trouble before…technology! Over the past fifteen years the web has changed just about everything. Time and again the dual potency of lower operating costs and the organization of crowds has transformed one industry after the next. From many, one: We can invest in the ideas and energy of each other with the collective capital of guess who? Ourselves. From many, one.

Start something insanely great! Or big! Or simple! Share your idea with friends and family, and after they jump aboard, so will the blogs and the followers you need to really get a message out. If you lift yourself up by turning dreams into action you’re not only realizing your own goals but your reclaiming the very essence of this country – having a dream! Forget Wall Street. Let’s occupy the Mainstreet we already live on.


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